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Synonyms for insufficiency

Synonyms for insufficiency

Synonyms for insufficiency

a lack of competence


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(pathology) inability of a bodily part or organ to function normally

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Clinical and/or laboratory signs of hepatic insufficiency were observed in 17% (6/35) of the patients, encephalopathy in 17% (6/35), ascites in 11.
It was noted early in the implementation of the DSRS that patients with this procedure retained a superior ability to handle gastrointestinal protein and ammonia loads, and it is still believed that the relatively high hepatic portal perfusion following DSRS contributes to the lower rates of hepatic insufficiency and encephalopathy(9).
As previously reported, patient populations included the elderly (65 years of age and older) and patients with mild-to-moderate renal or mild hepatic insufficiency.
Surgical resection can be effective in patients without cirrhosis if there is no vascular involvement, because they don't have portal hypertension or hepatic insufficiency.
Although a maximum daily dose of 4 g is widely accepted as normal, the American Geriatric Society recommends no more than 2 to 3 g daily for older patients with hepatic insufficiency or a history of alcohol abuse.
Not recommended for patients with end-stage renal disease or severe renal impairment, or for patients with any hepatic insufficiency.
However, duloxetine is not recommended for patients with end-stage renal disease or severe renal impairment, or for patients with any hepatic insufficiency.
Muscular side effects of simvastatin are particularly frequent in patients with excessive sports activity, (15) renal failure, hepatic insufficiency, hypothyroidism, or diabetes or in patients who receive certain drugs in addition to simvastatin (Table 1).
It is generally contraindicated for patients with hepatic insufficiency.
Initial renal and hepatic insufficiency rapidly lead to anasarca and massive visceromegaly impairing adequate ventilation.
The patient developed renal and hepatic insufficiency and died 26 days after admission.
The transplant operation for Kyoko Kobayashi, who suffers from hepatic insufficiency caused by stenosis of bile duct, was carried out after a donor with matching tissue was found.
Due to the unknown effects of increased exposure to ZETIA in patients with moderate or severe hepatic insufficiency, ZETIA is not recommended in these patients.
This study also suggests that antioxidants such as N-acetylcysteine administration should be considered in patients with hepatic insufficiency.
26 SGLT2 inhibitors are generally considered to be safe in mild to moderate hepatic insufficiency (Table-1).