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Synonyms for hence




Synonyms for hence

(used to introduce a logical conclusion) from that fact or reason or as a result

from this place

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Hence, instead of converting one weldment per truck, two are changed and pattern costs can be recouped in half the time.
Hence, $4,000 of the actual deferred gain (as a result of the bump) is triggered, leaving $5,000 of deferred gain.
Hence, NISH affiliates try to secure outside fees for rehabilitation services from state vocational rehabilitation (VR), developmental disabilities, and mental health/mental retardation agencies.
Hence, an enterprise first determines whether the assertion of a claim (i.
This consideration is especially important in the overwhelmingly religiously oriented nations of the Muslim world, including countries like Malaysia, in which the major world religious cultures (Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism) play a pivotal role in determining the worldviews and value-systems of its citizens, and hence, in providing their lives with an ultimate sense of direction, meaning and purpose.
6], and hence the refractive index to a phenomenal uncertainty of about [10.
Hence, all "uncontrolled" media were required to leave Baghdad before any ugly visual images could be portrayed.
Hence, to keep governments solvent, the latter should decline over time, ensuring that total government liabilities do not increase on trend over the next half century.
Hence Kitchen Assassination looks forward not only to George Washington Carver (in fact an almost identical figure to the cook appears at Carver's feet rowing the boat), but also to later pictures like Knowledge of the Past Is the Key to the Future: Matthew Henson and the Quest for the North Pole, 1986, which focuses on Henson, a black explorer.
Hence Bell is "c asting doubt on long-standing notions that 'local autonomy' of elite from the state was endemic everywhere during the late Qing and the Republic" (p.
Her body is hence a site for instability and vulnerability.
The book records the history of the planning of office buildings over the last half century; starting with the minimalist SOM offices of the '50s and '60s where vertical elements were placed in the centre of the plan and hence became known as cores.
But civility is also about class, and hence about forms of exclusion and oppression that are, at bottom, extremely impolite.
Hence, the conclusion is inexorable that you must preserve your claims under Resolution 242 as part of any Interim Agreement.