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a party for women only

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I did a bit of research because I heard about hen parties, but I thought 'As long as it's not too raucous, I'll do it.
From her observations so far, it's clear that hen parties have undergone massive changes.
uk, who organised activity weekends for over 8,000 groups across UK and Europe last year, revealed the stag and hen parties will spend an additional [pounds sterling]5,331,751 on alcohol alone, providing a timely boost to local economies, with an additional 1.
uk have predicted the busiest month for stag and hen parties in more than a decade - providing a welcome 60-million-pound boost to local businesses up and down the country.
IT IS an inexplicable truth about hen parties that the more sexually provocative the outfit, the more repulsive the wearer.
WHEN you think of hen parties you may imagine groups of women wandering around city streets.
A NURSE from Coventry was pinned to the ground and beaten by a hairdresser after two rival hen parties clashed at a holiday camp, a court heard yesterday.
STAG and hen parties visiting Blackpool are to be given a code of conduct to help clean up their act.
Hen parties have been getting more lavish for years - but Rachel Ham's will take some beating
Eros in Aberdeen hopes to cash in on rowdy hen parties but is finding difficulty in attracting local men as strippers.
The bare duos will take place in an 'undress' rehearsal two days before and the resort will host stag and hen parties for everyone involved.
And I do not think this has ever been clearer to me than right now, as various stag and hen parties are plotted around me.
Hen parties these days are getting a reputation to rival any stag do.
But our hen parties enjoy spending time with the llamas and take a half-day trek as part of a long weekend they have booked.