hen harrier

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common harrier of North America and Europe

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In January, the Moorland Association said it welcomed the decision by Natural England to test if brood management will help improve the hen harrier population and range in upland northern England.
This includes Marc's brother, a bird called Manu who was tagged in the same nest and was being monitored by the Northumberland Hen Harrier Protection Partnership but went missing in October with his last known location being close to a grouse moor in Northumberland.
The Moorland Association is delighted that Natural England has issued a ground-breaking research licence to test if brood management will help improve the Hen Harrier population and range in upland northern England.
Estates have agreed to have cameras installed on their land to monitor nesting hen harriers.
No hen harriers were tagged in England this year due to poor weather.
Scotland - which is home to 80% of the UK population of hen harriers - saw its number of breeding pairs drop to 460 in 2016 from 505 six years previously.
You can also try asking the Moorland Association or the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust what happened to all the satellite-tagged hen harriers that have mysteriously disappeared on grouse moors in the past few years or those eight tagged eagles in the Scottish Highlands.
At this time of year, the male hen harrier performs a spectacular courtship ritual known as skydancing, which involves a series of aerobatic swoops and somersaults.
TV naturalist Chris Packham will lead a protest tomorrow against the illegal killing of hen harriers on grouse moors.
But, over recent years, the spectacle of the hen harrier sailing effortlessly through the frozen landscape like a giant, sleepy moth has become increasingly difficult to find.
According to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the hen harrier is one of Britain's most persecuted birds of prey because it poses a threat to the number of grouse available to shoot.
With only 15 hen harrier nests known in the whole of England this year, and only three of them outside the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire, the project team is delighted the Northumberland pair have hatched out so many chicks.
Using skills normally reserved for enemy lines, the troops have joined Operation Artemis to protect precious hen harrier nests in Garelochhead, Argyll and Bute.
POLICE and the RSPB are trying to trace a satellite-tagged hen harrier that is missing in the North East.
The harrier, named Marc, was one of two chicks tagged as part of the EUfunded Hen Harrier LIFE+ project in July last year from a nest in the Scottish Borders.