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Synonyms for hen

adult female bird

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flesh of an older chicken suitable for stewing

female of certain aquatic animals e

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Don't mention it, my dear," answered the hen, calmly, and began preening her feathers.
It's strange," said the girl, reflectively; "but as I'm not a hen I can't be 'spected to understand that.
The yellow hen was some company, and a bit of comfort, too; but it was dreadfully lonely out on the big ocean, nevertheless.
After a time the hen flew up and perched upon the topmost slat of the coop, which was a little above Dorothy's head when she was sitting upon the bottom, as she had been doing for some moments past.
Over there a little way," answered the hen, nodding her head in a certain direction.
In spite of this warning had she not grabbed Toto quickly by the neck the little dog would have done the yellow hen a mischief, and even now he struggled madly to escape Dorothy's grasp.
And this is Billina," continued Dorothy, introducing the yellow hen, and they all bowed to her in turn.
I've such wonderful news," said the hen, turning her head so that one bright eye looked full at Dorothy.
It was so hard to tell them apart," explained the hen.
About fifty fluffy yellow youngsters were at school, being taught good manners and good grammar by a young hen who wore spectacles.
to a hen in his life, being peaceable; also he remembered the hamper.
He pushed the hamper into a corner, threw a sack over it to keep the hens quiet, put a pot on the fire, and unlaced his boots.
Piperson and the hens a lift, whistled from the gate.
The cock has crowed; we must start before the hens come out; they might shout to Mr.
Ah, but these hens," answered the young man,--"these hens of aristocratic lineage would scorn to understand the vulgar language of a barn-yard fowl.