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a stitch in which parallel threads are drawn and exposed threads are caught together in groups

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Place water-soluble stabilizer over the pleats (it can be seen through) and tear-away stabilizer underneath (see "Source") to make a stable base for hemstitching.
18) A sugan from Montana made around 1930 is very similar: it has hemstitching around rectangular wool patches.
Make an ordinary tunic extraordinary with hemstitching details.
The starch keeps the fabric stable when hemstitching.
The higher-end Luxury Sateen sheet sets will be embellished with decorative hemstitching, the company said, adding that it has also added sateen jacquard, dobby designs and fashion colors such as iced plum, champagne, khaki, pearl and sage.
Matteo's Italian linens, for example, in 300- to 340-count cottons ranged from check and striped sateens to jacquard diamond and floral designs with details including mitred corners and hemstitching.
Hemstitching is a mark of distinction wherever used, also much liked for sheets and pillow cases in plain white and ivory.
Hemstitching and mitered corners give pieces a tailored look.
Finally, Queen Anne's Lace Bridal Registry Ensemble incorporates lace, tucking, eyelet, and hemstitching on an all-cotton 220 thread sheet.
Its goods are either reactive or pigment printed and embellishments include ruffles, piping and hemstitching.
From China, it has bedding featuring such handiwork as embroidery, applique, hemstitching and pin-tucking.
There's also hemstitching on the flat sheets, pillow cases and shams.
I liked Wamsutta's Elite Pinpoint embellished with hemstitching, but as far as prints in the market, there was "nothing novel.