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tending to check bleeding by contracting the tissues or blood vessels


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It is projected that development of solutions such as the chitosan endoluminal hemostatic dressing will provide not only improved surgical outcomes by controlling post-op hemorrhage, but also substantial savings in procedure time and length of hospital stay.
Hemostatic agents vary significandy in cost, but no comparative cost analyses exist.
The primary objective of this investigation will be to collect clinical data concerning the safety and efficacy of Perclot versus a similar marketed hemostatic device in multiple surgical disciplines when used as an adjunct to conventional means of achieving hemostasis such as pressure or ligature.
Topical hemostatic agents are frequently used by urologists (Table 3).
After one minute of hemorrhage, proximal pressure was applied to the transected femoral vessels, and 4 in by 4 in gauze was used to blot the blood from the wound per the hemostatic agent manufacturer's guidelines.
The solution is used in the manufacture of hemostatic product "thrombin" for use in surgery, according to the company.
Blood components administered before procedures are able to correct hemostatic abnormalities.
GuardIVa([R]) Antimicrobial Hemostatic IV Dressing is an adjunct to infection control measures by providing sustained IV site protection.
HemCon offers a comprehensive line of hemostatic products with a proven track record that quickly control all levels of bleeding.
9) Hemostatic agents may be effective in stopping bleeding but fail during resuscitation.
Changes in inflammatory hemostatic, and cardiac markers were observed.
Boston Medical Products introduces ENTaxis[R], an organic hemostatic epistaxis and postsurgical nasal packing containing 100% calcium alginate derived from seaweed.
OTCQB: UEEC) which develops and markets products and technologies in the healthcare sector, today announced that its hemostatic gauze which is registered and branded in the USA under the trademark Hemostyp[TM] has received 510K approval from the FDA under the application and registration of its manufacturing agent.
Contract notice: Delivery of dressing materials and hemostatic and operational transparencies - 12 packets.