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a granular brown substance composed of ferric oxide


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Remote hemorrhage can be replaced by hemosiderin, and the areas may be infiltrated by hemosiderin-laden histiocytes (Figure 1, D).
The lesions tend to bleed, causing hemosiderin deposition and characteristic low signal intensity with all pulse sequences.
Stroma was vascular and made up of numerous dilated blood vessels; a large thrombus was noted in the centre with hemosiderin pigmentation (Figure 2b).
Histologically, PVNS reveals a hypertrophic synovial process that is characterized by villous, nodular, or villonodular proliferation and hemosiderin pigmentation.
Caption: Figure 3: (a) Plenty of endometrial gland and stroma (x10), (b) hemosiderin laden of macrophages (x10)
Shows fibrous stroma with numerous hemosiderin laden macrophages.
The foci of necrosis were not more visualized; the inflammatory focus was more organized with the presence of mononuclear infiltrate, pigment debris similar to hemosiderin indicating erythrocyte lysis and fibroblasts surrounding the inoculum.
Multiple punctate foci of bloom artifact projecting predominantly in the cortex in the right hemisphere as noted on GRE sequences represent hemosiderin deposition in areas of cerebral microhemorrhage (Figure 4).
Hemosiderin is often observed secondary to rupture of the vessels.
Lymphoplasmacytic infiltrates, xanthoma cells, hemosiderin, and calcification were observed.
However, during the operation, we observed severe black colouration of the knee articular cartilage, due to the deposition of hemosiderin and lipofuscin after the recurrent haemarthrosis.
Some dotted low signals were noted in the bilateral basal ganglia lesions regions, which indicated old microbleeds and hemosiderin deposition instead of calcifications.
1,7,9) MRI findings include a synovial mass, fat signal intensity on all sequences, suppression of signal with fat-selective presaturation, joint effusion, and absence of MRI supporting hemosiderin.
Erythrocytes are contained within slit-like channels between the individual spindled cells, and in interstitial area with hemosiderin deposits, Perls positive (Figure 9).
Blood containing cholesterol, fibrin, and hemosiderin extravasates from vessels that rupture due to the ischemic condition.