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of or relating to a hemorrhage


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Fibrinogenolytic and procoagulant activities in the hemorrhagic syndrome caused by Lonomia obliqua caterpillars.
Case-fatality rates for Weil disease and severe pulmonary hemorrhagic syndrome are >10% and >74%, respectively (4,5).
Preliminary diagnoses were febrile and hemorrhagic syndrome with severe dehydration and anemia.
We report the emergence of leptospirosis-associated severe pulmonary hemorrhagic syndrome (SPHS) in slum communities in Salvador, Brazil.
All information on human cases of viral hemorrhagic syndrome or on the presence of dead animals in affected areas was centralized by a Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Committee (VHFC), composed of representatives of the Ministries of Health, Forestry, and Environment, the World Health Organization (WHO), wildlife agencies, and the Centre International de Recherches Medicales de Franceville (CIRMF).
From one fourth to one third of study participants reported a direct or potential contact with someone with a febrile hemorrhagic syndrome.
Eight fatal cases of tick-borne encephalitis with an unusual hemorrhagic syndrome were identified in 1999 in the Novosibirsk Region, Russia.
In September 1998, several patients with fever and hemorrhagic syndrome were admitted to the Hospital of Aioun El Atrouss, Hodh El Gharbi Region, Mauritania.
Symptoms in cerebellar hemorrhage patients are somewhat different from those caused by the other hemorrhagic syndromes described previously.
In domestic pigs, ASFV can cause a wide range of clinical signs, including hemorrhagic syndromes with high lethality.