hemorrhagic septicemia

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an acute infectious disease characterized by pneumonia and blood infection

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Efficacy of vaccination of calves against hemorrhagic septicemia with a live aroa derivative of Pasteurella multocida b:2 by two different routes of administration.
Species specific inhibition of viral replication using dicer substrate siRNAs (DsiRNAs) targeting the viral nucleoprotein of the fish pathogenic rhabdovirus viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV).
The present study was therefore designed to investigate the factors affecting potency of hemorrhagic septicemia vaccine.
The staff created awareness and educated cattle owners about seasonal disease of hemorrhagic septicemia common among cattle in this chilly cold weather.
Aeromonas hydrophila as cause of hemorrhagic septicemia in a groundhornbill (Bucorvus abyssinicus).
Lawrence River muskie population decimated by the Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) virus in 2005, but which today seems to be rising from its own ashes, stronger and more vibrant than ever.
About five years ago, a disease called viral hemorrhagic septicemia hit the Great Lakes and began killing off sport fish, Engle said.
A potentially devastating disease new to the East, viral hemorrhagic septicemia, first noted in 2005 in Lake Ontario, has spread through all of the Great Lakes, now as far as Lake Superior.
The viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV), which causes fatal anemia and hemorrhaging in many fish species, poses no threat to humans, Paul Bowser, professor of aquatic animal medicine at Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine, told Chronicle Online.
Ballast is even blamed for the emergence of viral hemorrhagic septicemia, often called Aofish ebolaAo, resulting in large fish kills in the past several years.
They are etiological agents of hemorrhagic septicemia, gastrointestinal infections, and respiratory tract infections in many animals.
These new regulations were prompted by the appearance of a disease in fish called viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS).
Consider these examples: The sea lamprey preys on lake salmon; the zebra mussel has to be scraped off hulls and out of water intake pipes; and because of the resulting viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) virus, fish that would have filled the nets of trawlers are washing up dead on Lake Huron beaches.
A fish disease known as Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) is an emerging issue with important implications for people, commerce, recreation, and conservation.
Within the Rhabdoviridae, we investigated infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHNV) and viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV) whose placements in the family remain controversial, as well as the unclassified Sigma virus and a trout isolate known as Rhabdovirus 903/87.