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relating to or having hemophilia


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Role of the intrinsic coagulation pathway in atherogenesis assessed in hemophilic apolipoprotein E knockout mice," Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, vol.
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Treatment of an intraoral bleeding in hemophilic patient with a thermoplastic palatal stent--A novel approach.
Although hallmark of hemophilic bleeding is hemarthrosis, the earliest joint hemorrhage appears most commonly in the ankle.
84 Phase III, aquisition stage Infliximab Janssen-Cilag Phase III Infliximab Pfizer Phase I (approved in 2015) Rituximab Pfizer Phase I (approved in 2015) Rituximab Mabxience Phase II Rituximab Merck Serono Phase II Trastuzumab Mabxience Phase II Trastuzumab NA Phase II Trastuzumab Merck Serono Phase II ([dagger]) This table includes only the biologicals PDPs, but excludes vaccines and hemophilic factors There is only one product in stage IV, the Influenza vaccine, a partnership between Butantan and Sanofi Pasteur.
In the state of Mato Grosso do Sul the first AIDS case was identified in 1984 in a hemophilic child and the first adult case was identified in 1985.
Contrary to the results of the present study another study on the prevalence of viral hepatitis in Zahedan was carried out on hemophilic patients in the Zahedan Hemophilia Center and demonstrated a prevalence of 4.
It is found that hemophilic artropathy developed in 17 patients and 8 of these 17 patients had undergone radioisotope synovectomy.
Life-threatening sublingual hematoma in a severely hemophilic patient with factor VIII inhibitor.
Our analysis of the simultaneous trust game provides evidence consistent with a taste-based mechanism underlying hemophilic preferences.
Nevertheless, there is a clear tendency toward gender hemophilic selection (positive same-gender effect).
Total knee arthroplasty for the treatment of chronic hemophilic arthroplasty, Clin Orthop, 248: 98-107.