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a machine that uses dialysis to remove impurities and waste products from the bloodstream before returning the blood to the patient's body

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Vitamin E as a functional and biocompatibility modifier of synthetic hemodialyzer membranes: an overview ofthe literature on vitamin E-modified hemodialyzer membranes.
We believe these hearing losses were probably caused by contamination of the blood by the degraded product of an old cellulose acetate hemodialyzer membrane.
Mortality Risk by Hemodialyzer Reuse Practice and Dialyzer Membrane Characteristics: Results From the USRDs Dialysis Morbidity and Mortality Study.
The buffy coat is passed through the company's UltraConcentrator(tm) Permeability Hemodialyzer which removes the water and concentrates the platelets and fibrin.
Hemodialyzer membranes are reused and a manual method is used for the cleaning process.
Migration of acetylated hemicellulose from capillary hemodialyzer to blood, causing scleritis and/or iritis.
Take hemodialyzer for example, four foreign enterprises - Germany-based Fresenius, Japan-based Nipro and Asahi, Sweden-based Gambro - held a lion's share of 69% in Chinese market in 2009, while the largest domestic enterprise - Shandong Weigao - only occupied 4.
HDF is a convective-based renal replacement therapy, whereby a negative pressure (similar to a vacuum effect) is applied to draw plasma water and additional toxins from the blood as it passes by the hemodialyzer membrane.
I accepted the call and learned my charge was to provide information to a group of students assigned to improve the efficiency of the hemodialyzer through design changes.
OLpur(TM) MD190 technology coupled with our state-of-the-art hollow-fiber technologies will result in a hemodialyzer filter product that further contributes to the quality of life of ESRD patients in Japan, whose numbers exceed 230,000," says Kenji Nakamae, President of Asahi Kasei Medical.
The dialysate conductivity is then measured at the hemodialyzer outlet, allowing a mathematical model in the machine to compute several parameters, including ionic Kt/V (Gambro Lundia AB, 2004).
NMC) today announced that its hemodialyzer manufacturing facility in Dublin, Ireland has been found to be in full regulatory compliance by the U.
Cannulation is as basic to hemodialysis as the hemodialyzer, but is much less understood.
Hemodialyzer membranes have characteristics that provide varying ultrafiltration (UF) and waste clearance properties.