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All the participating African journals are in countries where active NIH research is ongoing, and the five partnering Northern Hemisphere journals are interested in promoting public health in developing nations around the world.
The arrows indicate the direction of the neutron spin and the hemisphere direction of the electron and proton respectively.
Visual, auditory, and tactile stimulations from the left side are primarily transmitted to the right hemisphere, and those from the right side are primarily transmitted to the left hemisphere.
Of the children with epilepsy, 15 had left hemisphere lesions and 17 had right-hemisphere lesions.
Among the countries bidding for the FTAA Secretariat, Trinidad and Tobago boasts the lowest rate for electricity and its relatively low cost of transportation, food and leisure combine to make executive living standards highly competitive when compared with other major metropolitan centers in the Western Hemisphere.
I think we have always had a tendency in the past to think the southern hemisphere was progressive, but in the northern hemisphere there is certainly a lot of good rugby going on,'' said Jones.
Advanced Engineering and Research Associates (AERA), the training courseware creator for the Sikorsky-Boeing project, is using the Deep Server enterprise solutions from Right Hemisphere as the translation and integration solution for converting sophisticated 3D CAD models into training applications.
Bush declares: "Our goal in Quebec is to build a hemisphere of liberty" and to "make our hemisphere the largest free trade area in the world, encompassing thirty-four countries and 800 million people.
The most extravagant event was a Quincy Jones-produced spectacle featuring superstars from the hemisphere, including Liza Minelli, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Patti LaBelle, Morgan Freeman, Maya Angelou, Paul Anka, Kenny G, and Rita Marley.
As the only other developed economy in the hemisphere, Canada must be on board for an FTAA to pass.
So when one hemisphere is closer, it's hotter there--because the sun's rays strike it more straight on.
More than a decade ago, the biggest threat to stability from within our hemisphere was Communism.
The opening chapter on Germans emphasizes their superiority over many of the peoples with whom they settled, in Russia as well as in the Western Hemisphere and Australia; it celebrates German capacity for innovation.
Explain this Foresters have discovered that the grain of conifer trees in the northern hemisphere tend to twist upward to the right, while trees in the southern hemisphere spiral to the left.
Apart from the huge numbers playing the game in the Southern Hemisphere, they have an advantage in the structure of their game .