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a parasitic plant that contains some chlorophyll and therefore is capable of photosynthesis


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upon their host plants have not been methodically evaluated, but 5 or more of these hemiparasitic plants may occur per host tree.
It is interesting that in natural landscapes in Tamaulipas, scale colonies developed on mistletoes, hemiparasitic plants from the genus Phoradendron, but not on Acacia farnesiana (L.
In the other hand, Nickrent and Musselman, 2004 thought that, only hemiparasitic species moved from scrophulariacea to orobanchiacea.
Habitat-shaping, host plant use by a hemiparasitic shrub, and the importance of gut fellows.
San Clemente Island lotus is a low growing, sprawling subshrub in the pea family, while the San Clemente Island paintbrush is an erect, hemiparasitic perennial in the broomrape family.