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Synonyms for hemiparasite

a parasitic plant that contains some chlorophyll and therefore is capable of photosynthesis


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In some areas, the high biomass load of this epiphyte eventually kills some branches or complete host-trees, for this reason the species has been considered a hemiparasite or structural parasite (Montana et al.
Role of ethylene in the germination of the hemiparasite Striga hermonthica.
Fernandez T, Wagner M, Varela B, Ricco R, Hajos S, Gurni A, Alvarez E (1998) Study of Argentine mistietoe, the hemiparasite Ligaria Cuneifolea (R.
Loveys BR Tyerman SD and Loveys BR (2001) Transfer of photosynthate and naturally occurring insecticidal compounds from host plants to the root hemiparasite Santalum acuminatum (Santalaceae).