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relating to the blood vessels or blood

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Hemal started in New Delhi, stopped in Paris and was heading to New York, where he would catch a connecting flight to Cleveland - his final destination.
Hemal, a second year resident at Cleveland Clinic's Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute, used the flight's medical supplies to monitor Ogundipe's vitals and contractions and told the pilot to continue the journey towards JFK.
28 -- Hemal Zobalia , Partner Tax, KPMG in India, giving a post -budget opinion, said, "Re-igniting Infra growth by introducing energy reforms in terms of promoting shale gas, clearing NELP blocks, PPP with Coal India, restoring GBI and restructuring discoms.
The event was attended by Elitecore CEO, Hemal Patel, while Abhilash Sonawane, Sr.
Hemal Patel, CEO of Cyberoam, said: "The Middle East markets are gaining higher internet penetration levels.
platyspondyla Holman in having narrower, higher, and more anteriorly constricted hemal keels, and from C.
We've batted badly on occasions and we've also had to cope with the departures of Hemal Watekar and Phil Armstrong, who were both big losses.
The team, captained by Hemal Mehta, could only taste one victory when they squeezed a one-run win over Uganda in a thriller last week.
The following vertebral centrum has two well distinguished lateral processes on each side, but only one hemal spine (Fig.
The first of these was actually an unpublished part of a former study dealing with ingestion and hemal transport by Ophioderma (Ferguson, 1985).
9 mm profile and industry standard pin out, the devices' high current rating and low RDS(on) enable higher efficiency, power density and reliability compared to alternative solutions requiring multiple parallel parts, making them well suited to switching applications where board space is limited," said Hemal Shah, marketing manager for IR's Power Management Devices Business Unit.
Siddh Hemal Mehta (2 for 28) and Mohammed Samir (2 for 32) also bowled well.
Jakub Nowak and Hemal Patel of the firm's Brooklyn office represented the seller, 150 52nd Street LLC, a national private equity partnership.
Hemal Watekar took 5-91 then struck 57 as he and Scott Aitchison (90no) pulled off a thrilling run chase, with one wicket to spare.