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Synonyms for hem

hem something or someone in: surround

hem something or someone in: restrict

Synonyms for hem

Synonyms for hem

the edge of a piece of cloth

the utterance of a sound similar to clearing the throat


fold over and sew together to provide with a hem

utter 'hem' or 'ahem'

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Installing HEMS is highly expensive as it involves the use of many components such as sensors, displays, and software, which are interconnected to save energy consumption.
Com Hem Holding is a communications company, providing basic and digital television, fixed and mobile telephony, as well as high-speed broadband services to Swedish homes and businesses.
Com Hem offers high-quality services for television, high-speed broadband, fixed telephony and has a B2B-offer of broadband and telephony services.
The specification/purchase of HEMs for all new motors should be part of the motor management policy.
and a perfect match for Maria THE dipped hem is proving a hit with celebrities and sports stars.
I didn't even know about the existence of women's football before I started writing Hem and Football in the late 1980s.
The acquisition of HEM is an important step in the development of our
Trying to hide his excitement at the gift falling into his lap, Hem responded: "Ya, sure thing.
In addition to the supply-side analysis, results from a Pike Research consumer survey focus on the demand side of HEM as well, making for a complete market overview.
Com Hem is committed to offering our customers the best available content and a high level of service," said Henri Caddeo, CTO at Com Hem.
HEMS include various products and components that enable homeowners to track and monitor their energy consumption level, which helps reduce and manage the energy consumption in any residential building.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-September 25, 2014-Com Hem names Tomas Kihlstrand as Interim CFO
In 2010, HEM made a key acquisition and initiated a tolling agreement to bolster its fire retardant additive business.
10 December 2010 - Swedish cable TV and Internet provider Com Hem AB will be put up for sale and several Nordic telecoms operators are interested in buying it, local business daily Dagens Industri (DI) reported today, citing unnamed sources.
The Global Home Energy Management Systems Products Market Home Energy Management Technology Computer-Aided HEM In-Home Energy Displays Demand Side Management Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing Home Area Networks Integrated Communications Products Communications Technology PLC technologies X-10 Communications ZigBee Demand Side Management Trends Load Management Trends Asia DR and HEMS Trends Figure 1-1 Percent of Households with HEMS Products Installed Europe's HEMS Market The North American HEMS Market Figure 1-2 Estimated Annual Electricity Cost Savings per U.