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The incident triggered panick and devotees started rushing helter-skelter.
The game is played at helter-skelter pace and the human eye, without the aid of action replays, can never hope to get more than 75% of decisions correct.
The Matadors continued to run a helter-skelter offense, in which they stood around and failed to set screams.
Beaten by a hefty weight penalty and muddling pace last time, he will be in his element in this big-field marathon as it's sure to be run at a helter-skelter gallop.
Standing at the top of his seven-tiered garden, which also features a lift, cafe and helter-skelter among its 5,000 plants and trees, Diarmuid said: "I feel honoured to receive the Most Creative Show Garden award as it's the first time it's been awarded by this president.
This helter-skelter tale has a couple of sweet romantic sub-plots and a happy, if explosive ending.
For little ones, Viking Bay beach has old-fashioned rides like a helter-skelter and carousel.
A group from several off-road clubs was parked near a helter-skelter collection of buildings, cars and equipment in the junkyard style that seems to accumulate around desert dwellers.
They are set for the ride of their lives - by using a helter-skelter instead of a lift.
Cheltenham Festival form is on show and Silver Jaro and Psycho, first and second in the County Hurdle, will love the helter-skelter pace.
A choice must be made on whether we continue on the helter-skelter path currently traveled by the current administration or we become actively involved in changing the direction the department is headed,'' Stites said.
Instead I just shot out of the bottom, bouncing on my backside and shouting "whee" after the best helter-skelter ride of my life.
In some recent productions, it's been Cuisinarted into a surreal froth, mixing historical periods helter-skelter (sometimes effectively, sometimes not) and turning the Act 5 masque of Jupiter and friends into an exercise in baroque camp, or worse.