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Synonyms for helplessness

Synonyms for helplessness

the condition or state of being incapable of accomplishing or effecting anything

Synonyms for helplessness

powerlessness revealed by an inability to act

the state of needing help from something

a feeling of being unable to manage

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Hypothesis 1a: Dysfunctional attitudes will be positively related to the learned helplessness and coping styles of male drug abusers.
Participants were then asked to complete the learned helplessness computer task while incorporating their respective instruction.
This study examined teacher self-efficacy and learned helplessness in relation to teaching and accommodating for students who struggle with learning in the general education classroom and the effect of on-going consultation provided by data-based decision-making and intervention experts.
Sometimes helplessness is a result of feeling alone or misunderstood" says Pressley.
She added: "I can deal with the basic fact that a tragedy has happened in my life, but I will never, ever get over the feeling of helplessness when I was holding Mike's head in my hands, pleading and hoping he would stay with me, and knowing I couldn't do a damn thing to control the course of events.
Previous study finding have suggested that patients who experience a myocardial infarction as a life-threatening event may exhibit symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), including reexperiencing the event, hyperarousal, intense fear or helplessness, and avoiding cues related to the event, reported Lina Wiedemar.
Learned helplessness is the state immediately before depression, and its most serious consequence is suicide.
The statement 'Don't complain to me, I just work here,' captures the sense of helplessness and frustration workers feel when they discover there's no way around their organization's infuriating policies, regulations and procedures.
After countless hours at sea the men in the open boat have lost nearly all hope of survival and are becoming increasingly frustrated with the seeming helplessness of their situation.
Fisher takes a brave step, making neither simply Conceptual painting nor postmodern stylistic montage, but incorporating both into what seems to me to be a new kind of political art--one conveying not anger, but helplessness.
The bugs must overcome their helplessness in the imminent doom of their village by a dam that is about to break (coincidentally) holding back part of the river downstream from the action in biblical Israel.
The whole experience of the death and dismemberment of soldiers and civilians, vividly described, and the confusion of battle engender such feelings of uselessness and helplessness in him that he becomes numb, unable to act on moral choices he once knew to be right.
In a classic study undertaken by psychologist Martin Seligman, dogs subjected to unavoidable shocks for no reason at all developed a condition called "learned helplessness," and lost the ability to avoid future shocks even when avoidance was possible.
An adaptation of this theory by another American psychologist, Lynn Abramson, argues that depression results not only from helplessness, but also from hopelessness.
Clinically, the goal is laid out in four of the five guidelines of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement--eliminate unnecessary deaths, unnecessary pain, helplessness and waiting.