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physical assistance


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It only rested with Benjamin to say whether he would give a helping hand to his master's daughter or not.
Uncas, take my steel and kindle a fire; a mouthful of a tender broil will give natur' a helping hand, after so long a trail.
But to the poor folk they would give a helping hand in need and trouble, and would return to them that which had been unjustly taken from them.
Instead, many a kindly helping hand was stretched out to him by the great men of the day, for there was much in this young genius to draw out the pity of others.
Well, my dear sir, Taboureau the laborer, an obliging, hard-working, good-natured fellow, used to lend a helping hand to any one who asked him; but as his gains have increased MONSIEUR Taboureau has become litigious, arrogant, and somewhat given to sharp practice.
I think Tom may be gradually falling into trouble, and I wish to stretch out a helping hand to him from the depths of my wicked experience.
There was no speech nor language, no pitying voice or helping hand, from that distant sky.
PESHAWAR -- Helping Hand, a non-governmental organization Tuesday handed over medical equipment worth Rs.
Besides, District Naib Nazim, Syed Qasim Ali Shah, Director Coordination, Sahiabzada Mohammad Tariq, Director Helping Hand, Shakeel Ahmad, District Health Officer (DHO), Dr.
Students in the College of DuPage culinary arts program recently created custom gingerbread houses to be auctioned to raise funds for Helping Hand Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities.
The Helping Hands Community Project received a second helping hand from Stoneleigh Park, which found another vacant building for the charity to store donated goods.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 20 (ANI): External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has once again extended her helping hand and asked Indian High Commission in Islamabad to grant medical visa to three Pakistani nationals.
He expressed these views while speaking as a chief guest at the concluding session of International Youth Conference, organized by Helping Hand for Relief and Development at Islamabad.
MEMBERS of the community lent a helping hand as part of a church project.
Cheshier, on the west lawn of the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC Yad Ezra - The Helping Hand will host a rally a to raise the awareness in the USA of the persecution of believers in Jesus in the world today.
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