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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints contributes a great deal to the community through the successful Helping Hands initiative.
Halstead Helping Hands, is a private philanthropic foundation established by Wollberg, Sara Rotter and Trish Martin.
Helping Hands currently provides a successful Short Breaks programme, which has provided 20 families in the Belfast Health Social Care Trust area with 2.
Whether the project benefits young people, families or the elderly, Wilko is appealing to anyone who is passionate about their local community to get involved and apply for a donation from the store's Helping Hands budget.
I'm lending a helping hand to other mums by supporting Tommy's.
Redcar store manager Yvonne Norman said: "The Helping Hands scheme is an initiative where funding is provided to support local projects, directly benefiting the lives of people who live and work close to the store.
The Helping Hand program is multi-faceted, offering customers a payment plan to pay down arrears and ensure their water isn't turned off; an opportunity for customers who make payments on time to earn a monthly credit toward their arrears; and a conservation kit to help customers curb usage and therefore, reduce their bills.
LHT gave their support to the business as part of the Helping Hand service so that its tenants would have a choice between a male or female 'tradesperson' working in their home.
Director Helping Hand Muhammad Saleem Mansoori would kick off the opening session of training workshop.
The Auxiliary has been there for countless families lending a helping hand by doing everyday chores that can be overwhelming, giving extra support to the children and just listening.
Apart from helping labourers who often work gruelling hours for little reward, Helping Hands also helps distressed maids and needy Bahraini families.
To encourage youngsters to take part in the Helping Hands campaign, a competition to win one of three i-Pods is being held.
Helping Hand bought the location in August 1998 from Northshore Park Ltd.
THANKS to all the generous readers spurred into action by the Man of the People Christmas campaign for children's charity Helping Hand.
The Helping Hand "robot" is aimed at the disabled and elderly with poor sight and weak or arthritic hands.
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