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Synonyms for helpfulness



Synonyms for helpfulness

the property of providing useful assistance

friendliness evidence by a kindly and helpful disposition


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The helpfulness of administrators in resolving the ethical conflict over access contributed to greater organizational job satisfaction, and the difficulty of resolving the conflict and the frequency with which workers felt they had to compromise their professional ethics contributed to less organizational job satisfaction.
The surveys were designed to assess mental and physical status, as well as back pain, functional disability, treatment helpfulness, and satisfaction with the surgery.
The lack of helpfulness rated by graduates was significantly related to superficial contact with counselors and problem-centered counseling.
The site urges youngsters to rate their teachers for categories like helpfulness and popularity.
HELPFULNESS OF STAFF: When I asked for assistance looking for a present for a teenage boy they pointed me in the direction of "gadgety stuff and things for phones".
therapists and consultant; on every occasion I was treated with courtesy and helpfulness.
The helpfulness and warmth of your people was so uplifting at such a sad time.
In this week's edition of the Trib+Health newsletter: Climate change may help spur insect-borne disease, new research raises questions on helpfulness of high doses of antioxidants and an interview with Iram Kazimi of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.
The gesture of helpfulness should extend to all Namibians.
LV= also received high scores for helpfulness of staff and how easy it is to find things on its website.
The key factors of the survey focused on the helpfulness and attitude of bus driver, value for money and the concern for anti-social behaviour.
Stations were rated on services such as platform information and car parking along with standards of cleanliness, security and helpfulness of staff.
We also received so many encouraging comments regarding the behaviour, turnout and helpfulness of the cadets from customers as they came through the checkouts.
Cllr Aldridge also praised Mr Davies's helpfulness.
We remember, too, his leadership, helpfulness and humanity during one of our city's darkest chapters, the deadly December 1999 warehouse fire that claimed the lives of six city firefighters.