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Synonyms for helpfulness



Synonyms for helpfulness

the property of providing useful assistance

friendliness evidence by a kindly and helpful disposition


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For each case example, respondents rated the severity of the problem, perceived helpfulness of each type of support, and their attitudes toward professionals.
80 for the helpfulness subscale, indicating similar internal consistency with the Caucasian sample.
44) on the item assessing helpfulness in planning students' future; means on this item across the previous four years ranged from 2.
In other words, expressions of helpfulness and understanding on the part of the officers toward citizens appear to be many times more important to the overall effectiveness of community policing programs than such factors as visual presence, frequency of contact, or even officer politeness and helpfulness.
An auditee's evaluation of auditors is primarily subjective and is influenced by the auditors' professionalism, the helpfulness of their recommendations, and the general feeling that the auditors are "team players.
Our teams have worked extremely hard to raise the standard of service customers receive from us and I want to thank them for their commitment and helpfulness.
I can only praise them for their patience and helpfulness.
It was declared Best in Class for waiting times in check-in queues and for its courtesy and helpfulness of check-in staff.
And to match it, I have rediscovered an old truth: however lousy you may feel when you get up in the morning, be deliberately, smilingly, happy toward others and you will never cease to be surprised by how much you are repaid in happiness and helpfulness.
Comfort of the bed, hotel location and helpfulness of staff are among the important factors for ensuring an enjoyable hotel stay;.
Comfort of the bed, hotel location and helpfulness of staff are among the most important factors for ensuring an enjoyable hotel stay.
Thousands of people passed through the doors at St Fagans and I feel a big thank-you and congratulations to both museum staff and BBC staff for their friendliness, helpfulness and organisational skills, should be mentioned.
The seven visitors assessed the accessibility of individual shops, toilets and lifts, as well as car parking options and staff helpfulness.
True disciples then need to have a flavour of honesty and helpfulness which honours God, and blesses their community.