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This book will appeal to underserved boy readers, with a fabulously dangerous-looking cover and promises of extreme action, but the disjointed explanations of the Helotry and Krodin's life may not help in retaining their readership.
The white man who controls in every direction the negro's destinies would in his collective opinion like to thrust the negro back into helotry and into exclusively manual work of a more or less unskilled kind, in connection with land, with mining, and the general development of the money-making resources of Africa, the moneymaking to remain chiefly with the white controller.
The man wants a dictatorial theocracy for Jews and helotry or expulsion for the Palestinians, and he sees (as Shahak did in reverse) the connection.
Newman's interpretation is supported by the fact that Aristotle explicitly criticizes helotry in Politics 2.
The poor countries are held in helotry just as they were in the colonial world of the nineteenth century, their assigned task still the provision of raw materials or cheap goods manufactured under imperial license.