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(Middle Ages) a person who is bound to the land and owned by the feudal lord

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14) The value of the embankments that one wishes to oppose to this multitude being shrewdly calculated, they will cajole a part of this group to administer the necessary materials to construct that embankment, and the remainder will be destined to the proletariat, to prison, to slavery, to the slaughterhouse, and to be, in other words, either a helot in Sparta or a pariah among the Bramins or a Negro in the United States or an Indian in Calcutta or Irish in London.
The principal is understandably proud of the school's achievements and believes her model is one of the only programs in the system catering to 'children whose bilingualism and biculturalism remain ignored and unexploited' (Young & Helot, 2003, p.
In the middle of the ceremony the Tannenberry women held the broom, cheering as the happy helot couple jumped over it, kissing in midair, landing in matrimony.
Anil asked for answers to two Silverman Kickshaws: the only three crash words to satisfy the scores already recorded are BLACK WHITE GREEN; the Stinky Pinkies in question are fervent servant, prosaic mosaic, truculent succulent, granite planet, raucous caucus, dire choir, puerile mural, saline praline, helot zealot and fecund second.
Captain David Hannah went closest for County and another of Raith's January arrivals, French keeper David Bert helot, tipped his free-kick round the post just before half-time.
Keeper David Bert helot replaced Ramiro Gonzalez with Joaquin Bornes, Juan Nieto and giant striker Sebastian Ferrero also landing starting places.
Johnston himself points to Rousseau's paradoxical recognition that "[f]reedom can only be maintained with the support of servitude"--a conclusion drawn from Sparta's dependence on the suppression of its helot population.
8 percent of the fixed, long-term rate regulated contracts helot by offshore-only pipelines owned by interstates (like Sea Robin) are with producer-owned offshore wells.
a helot than a citizen shaped for the tilling of the soil and the protection of the state".
Having just compared the England of Elizabeth with that of Victoria, he asks whether it is "not certain that even the England of 1815," which he calls "that drunken Helot of our modern Liberals," was more praiseworthy than the materialistic England of the past twenty years, for it had "successfully performed a long, strenuous, splendid effort against a despotic power which was weighing [initially "pressing"] heavily on the world.
They had already established a base for Helot refugees from Sparta at Naupactus, which could serve as a base for the Athenian fleet in the Crisaean Gulf (1.
This may seem a surprising view of a notoriously repressive regime which brutalised its helot slave class.
According to Burkhardt, "The dishonorable state of the helot was driven home to him not by distinctive dress but by a regular yearly flogging, administered without reason, and by ridicule after he had been made drunk.
When he tells us that Thucydides covered war almost like an embedded reporter or that the Spartan military was as bad as the Waffen-SS in its treatment of the subject helot population or that Athens engaged in ethnic cleansing of rebellious Aegean islands, he aims to narrow the gulf between the ancients and us.
helots (O helot); svolgh (O, Middle Swedish antecedent of swallow)