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Dave Barker and Dave Scott who are both volunteer helmsmen with the RNLI took part in the Hardmoors110 ultra-marathon in North Yorkshire.
The postmortem toxicology tests on the bodies of the helmsmen showed that both were nearly two-and-a-half times over the drink-driving limit for motor vehicles.
Helmsmen Terry Pendlebury and Aubrey Diggle, crew members David Rickets, Anthony Summers and Lee Duncan, and the crew of the helicopter will each receive a letter of appreciation from the RNLI operations director.
THE Redcar RNLI lifeboat station has welcomed two newly-qualified helmsmen.
The self-effacing Maguire says many helmsmen believe they are making the difference to the boat's performance and tend to claim a disproportionate share of the accolades, but when the role is stripped back, "the driver is just trimming the rudder".
I'd get up every morning before dawn and drive my truck over to the Helms Olympic Bakery, which was right next to the Budweiser Brewery over at Woodley and Roscoe,'' Humphrey said, picking himself out of an old picture of a few dozen Helmsmen serving the entire San Fernando Valley back then.
The system was exactly what we needed aboard `PlayStation' to help ensure that our helmsmen maintained our course from start to finish.
In his letter to Dave Cammish, lifeboat operations manager at Redcar, Mr Vlasto wrote: "This service (rescue) demonstrated first class leadership, and decision making by the two helmsmen, who were well served by committed crew members who acted in a most professional manner.
We're not even at 50 per cent yet and it's already pretty impressive," said Australian James Spithill, one of the team's helmsmen.
When you're shallow and there's a lot of light, you kind of feel like you're in an aquarium and there's fish around,'' said Chris Ijames, one of the Delta's two helmsmen.
First, two off-duty Redcar lifeboat helmsmen, Andy Beevis and Mike Picknett, who were fishing from their own boat, spotted the craft with Matthew, 25, Lee, 23, and three friends on board, drifting towards rocks.