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WithClint Dempseyfiringtheminfromall anglesandnoshortageofquality elsewhere,theCottagers,underJol's shrewd helmsmanship, wereseldom inperil.
All of this and more under the helmsmanship of one man, or as it is to turn out, the one who stands firmly at his side: the Prime Minister's Wife.
Though Memo to a New President is unique in its book-length advice on all aspects of presidential helmsmanship, there have been previous philosophical and scholarly studies about how to govern effectively.
Germans, Sonnenallee is a singular work for this helmsmanship alone.
It is all a far cry from the days of boat helmsmanship and radio ham skills.
There follows a discussion of the athletic feats of Amenophis II in archery, horsetraining, chariotry, and helmsmanship, showing how his enthusiastic public presentation of his abilities almost breaks the "non-public" contest rule for kings.
It was later incorporated with the old Mona Hotel to eventually become The Liverpool and fell under the helmsmanship of Peter and Val Smith.
Black believes Fletcher's helmsmanship will steer the Falcons out of murky waters to the rugby equivalent of white sandy beaches.
If you got past the hit piece on Page 1, and ``fast-forwarded'' to Page 14, you would have read the dispassionate statistics on why out-of-policy arrests are negligible under Chief Bratton's helmsmanship.
Or we might say that Minnelli directs the Band Wagon, the film, while Tony directs under Minnelli's helmsmanship, and stars in the "Girl Hunt.
In turn, a successful Dawes would risk Frere's compromised redemption, his assured helmsmanship.
Communism is a way of harnessing our collective talents and power under the economic helmsmanship of the Party.
Developed under Richard Eyre's helmsmanship at the National Theater, it became a film performance to stand head and hunched shoulder next to Olivier's.
It involves quite a lot of technical skill and know-how: helmsmanship, brakemanship and the like.
Cheney has made several fortunes from his helmsmanship at Halliburton: According to Reuters, he was paid nearly $2 million in compensation in 1999 (down from $4.