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In proven iron deficiency, one should--especially in children--consider administration of an anti-helminthic agent, in conjunction with iron therapy, in view of the high prevalence of co-morbid helminthic infestation in low-resource settings.
Much has been learned from animal models of viral and helminthic neurological disease, especially Theilers murine encephalomyelitis virus, JHM virus and canine distemper virus.
Our surveys indicated that helminthic infections are quite common among the tribal population.
Eosinophilia can be the key finding pointing towards a helminthic infection (usually in conjunction with a raised IgE level).
Immunoserology of parasitic diseases, volume 1, Helminthic diseases.
Following a chapter on the history of tropical medicine, the chapters are presented in sections covering underlying factors in tropical medicine such as primary care, epidemiology, traditional medicine, the economics and financing of disease control, and ethical considerations; symptoms and signs and the general approach to the patient; system- oriented disease; specialties in the tropics, including pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics, radiology and imaging services, oral health, and travel health; environmental/genetic disorders; viral infections; rickettsial infections; bacterial infections; mycotic infections; protozoan infections; helminthic infections; and ectoparasites.
Among other helminthic infections, the most popular ones are ancylostomiasis, strongyloidiasis, trichuriasis and taeniasis.
Immune modulation by helminthic infections: worms and viral infections.
Moreover, diseases such as asthma, IBD, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis remain uncommon in less-developed parts of the world where helminthic colonization is still widespread.
The life cycle of Strongyloides stercoralis also is one of the most complex of the helminthic cycles due to both parasitic and free-living forms and parthenogenic and autoinfection factors.
They are mainly found in the lamina propria and have a primary role in host defense against helminthic parasites.
According to a 2000 estimate by the Mega-Cities Project, 70 to 75 percent of women living in slums complain of general weakness and anemia, while 50 to 60 percent suffer from chronic malnutrition, recurrent gastroenteritis and helminthic [caused by parasitic worms] infections.
He explained that this novel therapeutic approach followed from the epidemiologic observation that inflammatory bowel disease is largely confined to the developed world, where helminthic colonization is uncommon, and is rare in developing nations, where a great many people carry parasitic worms in the gut.
The University of Iowa team began conducting further double-blind studies of helminthic (worm) therapy for patients with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis with further success.