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infestation of the body with parasitic worms

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Helminthiases in population of Taymyr [in Russian].
South Asia accounts for around one-quarter of the world's soil-transmitted helminthiases cases, with the largest number of cases in India, followed by Bangladesh [61].
La cartographie epidemiologique montre que les maladies tropicales negligees, comme la schistosomiase, les helminthiases et geohelminthiases transmises par les sols, le trachome, la filariose lymphatique et l'onchocercose, sont presentes dans la quasi-totalite du bassin fluvial.
Climate changes are predicted to cause a global increase in soil-transmitted helminthiases.
Impact of intestinal helminthiases on the nutritional status of primaryschool children in Osun state, south-western Nigeria.
Protein-energy malnutrition and soil-transmitted helminthiases among Orang Asli children in Selangor, Malaysia.
The diseases include also conditions resulting from improper nutrition, measles, diphtheria, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, shigellosis, cholera, amoebiasis, tapeworm infestations and other helminthiases.
In fact dogs are associated with more than 60 zoonotic diseases among which Parasites in particular helminthiases, can pose serious health concern.
Echinococcosis is one of the severe human helminthiases and at the same time it is widely distributed among domestic and wild animals.
Intestinal helminthiases and schistosomiasis among school children in an Urban central and some rural communities in South West Nigeria.
The authors highlight a project, the Global Atlas of Helminth Infection (GAHI), which will provide open-access information on the distribution of soil-transmitted helminthiases and schistosomiasis.
Ivermectin has been used to treat onchocerciasis, lymphatic filariasis, helminthiases, and ectoparasite infections such as scabies.