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having the convex shape of a helmet

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Limited to 9002 pieces, it comes in a helmet-shaped presentation box and is even waterproof to 100m - for underwater races.
In sunglasses and with a bizarre surgical hairnet covering a helmet-shaped swathe of bandages, the 77-year-old ex-astronaut emerged from hospital after a nip and tuck operation to make him look younger.
Looking out of their tents, they saw two Buddhist priests wearing helmet-shaped headdresses of crimson and yellow, blowing two large cockle shells--the morning call to prayer.
You might not care to browse through 71 items emblazoned with every possible permutation of the Baylor logo and green and gold colors or to buy that two-piece infant's warm-up suit displaying Iowa State colors or that Texas A&M helmet-shaped mailbox.
Sure enough, MerriamWebster's 10th Collegiate shows us "topee or topi (1835) a lightweight helmet-shaped hat made of pith or cork.
Recognized by its bright yellow throat and chin, the Blanding's turtle has a smooth helmet-shaped carapace decorated with streaks.
The grandest of all are the sturdy stems and helmet-shaped seed pods of Acanthus spinosa.
The Michael Schumacher Collection for computer users includes a Formula One helmet-shaped mouse at #pounds 18.
The helmet-shaped pizzas represent a novel, first-time approach in an industry where the round pizza pie has long been the standard.