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6 per cent) were not, as Wisconsin law does not require all riders to wear a helmet.
Joselito Araja, San Narciso police chief, said motorcycle riders were prohibited from wearing helmets in the town proper for security reasons.
Udhampur (J-K) [India], January 22 ( ANI ): In an attempt to aware two-wheeler riders without helmets, Jammu and Kashmir police in Udhampur district distributed free helmets to the people riding without one.
The researchers used a state trauma quality improvement database to analyze changes in the rate of CMF injuries to motorcycle riders since the change in Michigan helmet laws.
He said that a campaign about helmet will be continued for two weeks and awareness can be created about the utility of helmet through electronic media, newspapers, banners, telephonic messages, pamphlets and seminars.
In response, since 1995, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas have relaxed or repealed their mandatory, universal helmet laws.
Leaving the CEP connected causes damage to the connector flange while it's carried in the helmet bag.
A full-face helmet covers your entire face including the chin and the jaw bone your chin, while the other is the open-face type that covers the skull, but leaves the face exposed.
Lots of high-profile cyclists choose not to wear a helmet, most notably Boris Johnson, although his hair could not be more "spoiled" than it is
8220;Schuberth was also the first to introduce the first flip up helmets and since then it has paced much ahead of all motorcycle helmet brands in Europe and elsewhere.
4 million could be saved each year with a universal helmet law.
When you fall head-long on the ground without a helmet your head hits the ground.
Percentages of fatally injured motorcyclists who were not wearing a helmet were calculated as a proportion of all motorcyclist fatalities by state for 2008-2010.
4) Given this, bicycle helmet use has become a part of many state and local laws to promote helmet use.
5-inch-high helmet replicas - with the same fancy paint job - available for a mere $149.