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a rowdy or mischievous person (usually a young man)

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Nunca pense que Felipe Ehrenberg, Martha Hellion, David Mayor y Terry Wright, los cuatro pilares de Beau Geste Press que pudieron asistir a la inauguracion de la muestra el pasado 1 de febrero, se iban a emocionar tanto", comenta a la corresponsal Alice Motard, mientras empezamos a recorrer las amplias salas abovedadas del imponente Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Burdeos.
From Hellion to the rarely played Inside The Electric Circus and I Don't Need No Doctor, the crowd lapped it up.
It is the debut of Bosnian author Argent Hellion and has been compared in style to George R.
At 7 tonight, the event will begin with: "Crispin Hellion Glover's Big Slide Show Part 2" followed by his film, "It Is Fine
1) Catalogo de la exposicion retrospectiva del mismo nombre en el Museo Carrillo Gil, editado por Martha Hellion y publicado por Turner en 2002.
Tickets for Crispin Hellion Glover's Big Slide Show, which is strictly for over-18s and will begin at 7pm and run until late, cost PS18 and are available from the cinema box office, by calling 0845 217 9909 or visiting www.
Now adorned with wreaths during the visit of dozens of Israeli Knesset members in honor of International Holocaust Commemoration Day Monday, the site lies still and quiet in the white frost of a Polish winter until the sight of the wall elicits a muffled chuckle from octogenarian Moshe Hellion.
Centro Medico Zambrano Hellion Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey [Monterrey, Mexico] 2010
The seven-year affiliation agreement will include Hospital San Jose and Hospital Zambrano Hellion.
One is the possibility of rebellion, the hellion who rejected his parent's religion because of its strictness," said David Roozen, director of the Hartford Institute for Religion Research at Hartford Seminary in Connecticut, which was originally founded to train Congregationalist ministers.
En capacidad hospitalaria y "preventiva": el Grupo Christus Muguerza, Medicall Clinica, Grupo Star Medica, Centro Medico Zambrano Hellion y Medicall Home.
TOLSTOY'S RECENT BIOGRAPHERS AND critics have strongly tended to exalt the writer over the man, and they are given to disparaging not only the vain young hellion but also the penitent old holy man; the man they admire is the one in the prime of life whose love for his wife and children enriched the writing of War and Peace.
Author Will Self writes on the magazine's website: "Moss has aged and continues to age - not gracefully, for she's a suburban hellion from the outer limits of Cockneydom, but beguilingly.
For the privileged hellion If you really loved your adorable demon child, you'd buy him the vintage red tricycle belonging to little Damien in The Omen.
Eleven handicapper Rhys Williams was round in 70 for a nett 59 to win a medal by three from Dan O'Sullivan (83-21-62) with Eifion Lloyd Jones (82-18-64) third and Kevin Parry (70-6-64) won another medal from Nelly Wynne (81-16-65) and Jake Hellion (82-16-66).