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Known as hellebore black death, it attacks leaves and stems and if allowed to get a foothold, causes the flowers to collapse.
A further attraction is that hellebores are easy–going plants that fit in with the modern gardening ethos.
However, occasionally the news is worse and your plant has a virus that goes by the lurid name of Hellebore black death.
References to the hellebore can also be found in the hexametric poetry of Horace, who, as is well known, is Persius' main model (2).
Hellebores are easy to grow in most soil types and superb in difficult, shady spots under trees, associating well with naturalised spring flowers like snowdrops, narcissus, hardy cyclamen, primroses and crocus.
Hellebore grower and expert Jill Pearce, of award-winning Ashwood Nurseries in the West Midlands, famed for its Ashwood Garden Hybrids, says that the hybrids are perfect for beginners.
Which brings us to Marietta's one hellebore nemesis: snails.
However, for Levi D'Ancona the hellebore shown (with many other flowers) at Flora's feet proves Giulio's mother must have been a Pazzi.
Prune roses while dormant and as hellebore flowers emerge, remove the old foliage, which looks a bit raggedy now.
Plant them in a spot that gets part to full shade (in Southern California, Corsican hellebore tolerates more sun than other species).
The list includes: yarrow, barberry, boxwood, silverberry (Elaeagnus), fuchsia, holly, roses, rosemary, viburnum, yucca, bear's breech (Acanthus), daffodils, pampas grass (Cortaderia), euphorbia, sedum, geraniums, hellebore, irises, lupine, freeway daisies (Osteospermum), bamboo, celery, tomatoes, onions and parsnips.
In his buttonhole, the groom wore hellebore flowers especially picked from his Gloucestershire home Highgrove.
Next Saturday and Sunday I'll be joining John Massey and his team to escort visitors through Ashwood Nurseries' hellebore and cyclamen growing areas.
Hellebore seed needs to be completely fresh to germinate.
Many of the dark-flowered hellebore selections and cultivars arrive early in the season and their intense colour is underlined when they are planted among sheets of snowdrops.