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To its credit, the contents stay fluid but coherent, keeping a strong sense of the hell-for-leather exuberance of this daring age, when exploration and invention went hand in calloused hand.
At a hell-for-leather pace, he took us through a blistering back catalogue.
Andreas Boyde, a late replacement, was the compromised solo pianist in this farrago, and it is scarcely to be wondered at that the clattery finale found him bravely going hell-for-leather, probably desperate to get the whole embarrassment over with.
NEALE COOPER is certain a major new talent emerged amid the hell-for-leather football served up at Victoria Park.
His hell-for-leather attitude belies a hardened outlook of the industry and, most importantly, his hard-won place in it.
It meant Gollob missed out on the final, and although he took the consolation final in hell-for-leather style, Rickardsson's second place behind Nielsen narrowed the gap at the top of the leaderboard to just four points.
Spell that out and say what you will do to equalize the distribution of profits from the hell-for-leather U.
The opening Dear Constable shows shades of The Clash and the hell-for-leather approach is their strongest suit, the effectiveness varying as they leapfrog stylistic barriers.
Chambers Brothers classic Time Has Come Today gets a rocky revision with Sheryl Crow's guest vocal and Nirvana's Breed enjoys a hell-for-leather resurrection.
Sasha Rozhdestvensky was soloist, appealingly tentative in the brooding opening, his bowing arm impressively athletic in the hell-for-leather movements.
He said: "I don't think tax cuts come-what-may, hell-for-leather - making tax cuts that can't actually be afforded - will win us any votes.
CHESTERFIELD survived a hell-for-leather finish to beat Bristol Rovers 2-1.
WITH their long-standing pedigree and hell-for-leather attack, the Queens have upped the heavy metal speedball stakes.
The 1969 original will live again on a Focus-based platform with a huge range of engines from four-pot budget blasters to a hell-for-leather 300bhp V6 version.
Some unkind commentators have said that it's not the hell-for-leather driving experience a car with such sporting pretensions should offer.