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recklessly determined

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Syed Ali Gilani said, it has been proved beyond doubt that BJP, RSS and Shiv Sena like fanatical parties are promoting their specific and biased dogma and while ignoring the interests and trampling the rights of other communities, are hell-bent to proclaim India as Hindu Rashtra.
New Delhi [India], July 22 ( ANI ): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Roopa Ganguly, who has been issued a notice in connection with a child trafficking case, has maintained her stand that she is innocent and that the West Bengal Government is hell-bent on denting her reputation.
This Exiles team is hell-bent on winning this series and we are taking it very seriously.
That despicable spit across the 12th green of the impeccable Emirates course in Dubai represented yet another low in the life of a man who seems hell-bent on self destruction.
LUCAS goes to court for trashing Toadie's car but seems hell-bent on self-destruction.
Why remand the case back to the agency that is hell-bent upon making index annuities a securities product?
To think this ill-assorted bunch are still hell-bent on sending young soldiers into dreadful danger abroad makes one's blood boil.
AA president Edmund King fumed: "Market speculators are hell-bent on pushing up oil to maximise their profits.
It's a rare show of dissent in the Labour Party, which is hell-bent on pushing the treaty through without consulting us.
Tony Blair was hell-bent to push our Western democracy down the Iraqis' throats with his chancellor willing to sign that massive cheque.
As much as I would like to blame the individuals for being junkie hedonists hell-bent on feel-good food consumed with reckless abandonment, it's not all their fault.
TALKING of corruption, FIFA president Sepp Blatter - who has more faces than a town hall clock - seems hell-bent on upholding his reputation for double standards.
City of the Big Shoulders," in Carl Sandburg's evocative phrase--seems hell-bent on putting a choke hold on just about everything that makes a city a city.
Is he just a terrorist himself, a physically and psychologically scarred victim of the State's former experiments with biological warfare, hell-bent on revenge?
Senate race in Illinois we have a pro-choicer (yet extremely intelligent and otherwise well-qualified) on one side, and a hell-bent judgmental preacher-type on the other, who feels we should ask ourselves how Jesus would vote.