hell to pay

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dire consequences

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I would have hell to pay with the planning department.
A source said: "If he tries to duck out of this test there will be all hell to pay.
And I've a suspicion there'll be hell to pay all round before this saga is played out.
In "Dead to Rights II: Hell to Pay," Jack Slate and his K9 partner Shadow are thrown head first into the crossfire between criminal organizations battling for control over Grant City's underworld.
When she first started at the Times, she remembers in her book The Girls in the Balcony, "There was hell to pay [from the advertising director] every time an advertiser was not adequately represented in the `news' columns of the woman's page.
And Echo readers can win a pair of tickets to hear Mr Courtney, now an author, film director and actor, whose movie Hell To Pay premiered in Cannes last year, tell stories of his exploits.
The bottom line is if we don't get substantial workers' comp reform, every legislator is going to have hell to pay in their own districts,'' Alarcon said.
Chances are, it would be the first your parents had heard about it and there would be hell to pay once the man from the council had gone.
Later, back at the hotel, he gets close to tormentor Tracy and even though nothing happens, there's hell to pay when Karen sees the whole debacle played out on the wide-screen TV at the Rovers.
If we increased the council bill by the same amount there would be hell to pay - and we are not even getting a perfect service from Severn Trent.
Whether we're pontificating about which detergent washes whiter, or arguing over the merits of invading Iraq, we must have our say - or there'll be Hell to pay.
There's hell to pay the morning after when the troubled couple wake up to a misunderstanding and their mind games begin all over again.
Plus, Violet and Jamie make secret plans to leave Weatherfield, knowing if Sean finds out, there'll be hell to pay.
If they lay one finger on our Superlambanana I swear to God there will be hell to pay.
When she threatens to crush him like a bug, blood spatters the walls and it's clear there'll be hell to pay.