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Mating system of Helianthemum squamatum (Cistaceae), a gypsophile specialist of semi-arid Mediterranean environments.
They form mycorrhizae mainly on roots of different species of the genus Helianthemum sp.
Helianthemum, more commonly known as the rock rose, are an invaluable rockery/ ground cover plant with a height of 10-15cm and a spread of 30-40cm.
Mention rock roses and most gardeners think of Cistus but the group also includes Helianthemum which is smaller and spreading with a wide range of colours and suitable for rockeries and border edges.
You can cut them from the main plant when they have rooted well Continue cutting back rock plants such as alyssum, aubrieta and helianthemum immediately after flowering, before they have had time to set seed During dry weather raise the cutting blades on your lawnmower and mow without using the grass box so that the clippings help retain moisture Thin established seedlings of herbs such as chervil and dill to 15-30cm (6-12in) apart, according to the eventual spread of the plants.
Ocote Pinaceae Quercus laurina * Encino Fagaceae laurelillo Arbusto Ageratina glabratum * Hierba blanca Asteraceae Baccharis conferta * Escobilla, Asteraceae hierba del carbonero Buddleia parviflora * Tepozancillo, Loganiaceae tepozan cimarron, tepozan de cerro, sayolisco Comarostaphylis Huejote Ericaceae Helianthemum glomeratum Juanajuana, Cistaceae cenicilla Lupinus sp.
En este, el matorral calcicola se mantiene con el dominio de elementos nuevos mas termicos y que, en algun caso, toleran los yesos (Cistus clusii, Helianthemum syriacum, H.
Also known as kama, kamaieh or fagga, truffles in the UAE can sometimes still be found towards Wadi Helio, under the shade of a bush called Helianthemum according to some environmentalists.
Lamiaceae * Galeopsis ladanum Galeopsis tetrahit/speciosa Stachys palustris Lycopus europaeus Lamium album Prunella vulgaris Prunella vulgaris Rubiaceae * Galium aparine Galium spurium Epilobium angustifolium Urtica dioica Urtica urens Apiaceae * Anthriscus sylvestris Cicuta virosa Helianthemum nummularium Rosaceae * Potentilla anserina Fragaria vesca Comarum palustre Potentilla erecta Potentilla argentea Alchemilla sp.
acompanada de elementos camefiticos como Thymus orospedanus Huguet del Villar o Helianthemum cinereum (Cav.
5 -- stickseed) * Helianthemum canadense (rockrose) * (PT) -- -- -- Helianthus divaricatus (woodland -- -- 2.
2 [micro]l Gymnocarpos 9 17 60 83 decandrum (Caryophyllaceae) Helianthemum 4 16 21 49 ventosum (Cistaceae) Helianthemum 8 11 45 58 vesicarium (Cistaceae) Zizphus 18 28 65 66 spina-christi (L.