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in a terribly evil manner


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This is the first time in the history of VACC that two family members were killed heinously.
Maybe it's because it was scheduled heinously late on ITV, but I just chanced upon the show and without being too patronising, it gave a great insight into the life of youngsters with autism and how their families cope with the everyday struggles and worries.
When the time came to head off to a TV session, I packed it in my gear, with the plan being heinously to abuse it.
As deplorable as it sounds, as ISIL terrorists have heinously killed many innocent women, children and men, it is not impossible that kidnapping a foreigner from a country perceived as hostile could look promising to ISIL.
While addressing the seminar, Hammad Khan-Social Media Officer Shaoor Foundation and Niaz Muhammad-Managing Director ISS said that the substandard Pashto telefilms are ruining the social morals and ethical code of Pashtuns heinously.
And I know it's all going to go spectacularly, heinously awry, but I still can't look away.
So, I couldn't help but be offended as this author so heinously described one of my favorite Indian dishes, spinach saag, a delightfully spicy and flavorful dish.
They crawled over my body heinously and attacked me.
If nothing else, let's hope the knowledge that our government so heinously violated the human rights of others--some guilty of nothing more than a familial relationship with a person of interest--brings a reckoning and ensures we do everything we can to prevent it from happening again.
And it applies right about now-when a bunch of people is standing around blaming one another for something that has gone heinously wrong.
It is us Bahrainis and our neighbours, who have no shame and are so arrogantly out of control, heinously jumping traffic lights, driving like maniacs and acting worse than barbarians on our roads.
Most heinously of all, Princess Aurora's tale is told via some truly torturous verse.
It is not any special or exceptional authority of Richard and Buckingham that works most heinously against the Queen here.
His survival of the climactic nadir of his camp experience appropriately inverts his perspective as a signal witness to the heinously bottomside-up world of the Lagers.
Invariably, I'd get three or four out of five shots in a nice group and then yank the trigger heinously and throw a shot or two out of the group.