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Synonyms for heinous

Synonyms for heinous

disgracefully and grossly offensive

Synonyms for heinous

extremely wicked, deeply criminal


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State Minister for Media Affairs and Communications, the government spokesman, Mohammad Al-Momani, said this crime constitutes a flagrant aggression and a serious violation of international humanitarian law and related international conventions, particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention, relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons at the time of war in 1949, and that this heinous crime is part of a series of Israeli crimes against the unarmed Palestinian people.
As the Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has taken notice of the heinous crime, she hoped that the culprits would soon be brought to justice.
FC personnel in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies raided a place in Gwadar and took eight militants into custody, he said, adding that the arrested suspects were involved in heinous crimes including attacking Jiwani Airport and targeted killings.
But the fact is they were just as heinous four years ago.
Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesman for President Mahmoud Abbas, held the Israeli government fully responsible for his heinous crime and said it would not have happened if the Israeli government had stopped settlement construction and protecting settlers.
In a statement released Friday, Ban said these heinous crimes came as the victims, along with Nigerians nationwide, were conducting Eid prayers, a sacred time for families and communities to come together, therefore, "the attacks constitute an assault on the beliefs of all people.
Abdul Latif bin Rashid Al-Zayani strongly condemned the heinous crime committed by the Houthi militias of indiscriminate shelling of Al-Mansur neighborhood in the city of Aden yesterday, killing and wounding scores of innocent civilians.
He said that teams comprising officers of Livestock and District Governments destroyed 289320 kg substandard meat and arrested 2500 persons involved in this heinous business and 2000 cases were registered.
MANAMA: Parliament chairman Ahmed Al Mulla condemned the cowardly terrorist attack, stressing Bahrain's stance in support of Saudi Arabia in confronting heinous designs to fuel sectarian strife in the region.
THE mother of the heinous Boston marathon bombers has defended her killer youngest son, describing him as "the best of the best".
In the cable, HRH the Premier strongly condemned the heinous criminal attack which led to the death of several Tunisians and tourists.
Abdul-Rahim Mohammed Hussein has extended condolence to Egyptian Government on incident , which he described as heinous that left tens military men and civilian s dead at Al-Arish area in Egypt last Thursday.
In a unanimous statement, the 15-member council "condemned in the strongest terms the terrorist attack" and offered condolences to the families of the victims of "this heinous act.
New Delhi, Aug 6 ( ANI ): The Union cabinet has approved amendment in the Juvenile Justice Act, which proposes to treat juvenile older than 16 years as adults if involved in heinous crimes such as rape and murder.
The statement added: "The heinous crime of Dsh criminal gangs stab the deepest and dearest memorial stressing that this heinous crime targeting the spirit, culture and history of Mosul marked by glory and splendor.