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the dominance or leadership of one social group or nation over others

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A hegemonic system comes into existence when a particular philosophy--say the idea that economic growth is good for climate change--is superimposed over what Gramsci terms common sense.
Khamenehi said that standing up against the world's hegemonic powers is one of Khomeini's principles, saying the late ayatollah was firmly against the bullying powers and sided with the oppressed.
Addressing a meeting with members of the headquarters of martyrs from educational, academic and art centers, Ayatollah Khamenei said the great achievement made by the Iranian nation after the victory of the Revolution was rejecting a hegemonic system dividing the world into the 'domineering-submissive' poles.
First, the nature and power of constructs of hegemonic masculinity, and its effects, are explored; then anorexia nervosa as a psychomedical, internalised female phenomenon is discussed; finally the possible significance of the interactions of puberty, with its forces of hegemonic masculinity, and the power and demands of the voices of anorexia nervosa are examined.
Power, physicality and self-respect have held center stage in working-class masculinities and thus it is significant that the films listed above present us with pervasive images of male ineffectuality and powerlessness, often vis-a-vis women, both in public and private spheres, raising questions about how hegemonic white working-class masculinity can be on or off screen.
Colonial imperialism (Type II) is a far cry from hegemonic imperialism.
The first time, the powers rejecting succession believed that the revolution would end with the removal of Mubarak's regime, and that the hegemonic state would rebuild itself, using the Nasserite model or that of Al-Sadat or Mubarak.
This conflictuality, may reach critical levels in a phase of hegemonic shift, as the one we are experiencing with regard to the decline of US and the rise of China -- which reminds previous hegemonic shifts in the history (e.
The hegemonic masculinities approach says there is a hegemonic man who is the dominant image of what constitutes the ideal form of masculinity in a given context.
The Slate stressed in a statement pronounced by MP ,Haydar Al-Mulla '' it turned out that the arrests which tooken place were under the control of the big hegemonic parties .
Connell's concept of hegemonic masculinity is almost omnipresent in masculinity studies (Beasley 2005, 192) and has had a significant influence in feminist, sexuality, and international studies (Beasley 2008, 88).
Counterterrorism and International Power Relations: The EU, Asean and Hegemonic Global.
Summary: New York - Algeria has "sacrificed" its ties with Morocco and the building of the Maghreb for the sake "of pursuing a hegemonic strategy and creating instability" in the region, said Vice-President of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs (CORCAS), Khadad El Moussaoui, on Wednesday in the UN headquarters in New York.
These regional political crises combined with the growing capitalist global economic crisis signifies a chaotic state of world affairs in which hegemonic struggles, expanding or decreasing zones of influences, and control or struggle over energy sources and corridors are taking place between global powers.