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the dominance or leadership of one social group or nation over others

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They are the mere responsible for the destructive and hegemonic affairs of the world.
One view is that China wants to promote its hegemonic designs through it.
Speakers called upon the Muslim ummah to rally-round a flag to frustrate the United States hegemonic designs which Washington was acting upon to hurt Islamic world through such irrelevant and forced move to back strengthening the perpetuation of unlawful Israeli occupation of Palestine.
Hegemonic norms are constructed and have become so easily reduced as "common sense," an established norm that should be undoubtedly accepted.
Noting that the West Asia region has paid a heavy price for the world powers' hegemonic policies, Zarif expressed the hope that other regional powers would accompany Iran to avoid domination or being dominated.
31) In other words, in the relation between different classes, certain sections of capital take precedence and assume hegemonic position vis-a-vis other classes and the unity of society cannot be taken for granted.
The pursuit of hegemonic policies in South Asia by India and its efforts for military domination are creating instability both at the global and regional levels.
On the issues of Syria and Iraq, Khamenehi said: "The hegemonic powers' front is supporting the most wicked and ruthless terrorists in these two countries--and in Syria they insist on deciding on the method of forming a government.
A hegemonic system comes into existence when a particular philosophy--say the idea that economic growth is good for climate change--is superimposed over what Gramsci terms common sense.
Drawing on Antonio Gramsci's work, the hegemonic approach demonstrates how the media function to produce commonsense understandings of society that align with the dominant group's definition of reality (Allan, 1998: 109).
This article explores developmental interactions and interdependencies among three discourses informing subjective experiences and clinical responses to anorexia in adolescent men: hegemonic masculinity; narratives of adolescent development; and the "nature" of anorexia--a female phenomenon.
1] Global elites have prospered in the past decades, yet paradoxically and simultaneously, the hegemonic male has become something of an endangered species in films outside the fantasy realm of superhero epics.
So hegemonic imperialism has a limited time to do its dividing and ruling.
One explanation for the difference between the perceptions of the Venezuelans and the rest of the world, is that this is the result of the stereotypes and purported 'common sense' created partly by the hegemonic press.
The range of masculinities portrayed in postfeminist popular cinema demonstrates the postfeminist fading of "hegemonic masculinity" according to some commenters, but Hamad (film studies, Kings' College London, England) disagrees, pointing to the discourse of paternity and its ability to negotiate a range of masculine identities as the new hegemonic masculinity.