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a leading or paramount power

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But fear of Iran as a regional hegemon is vastly overblown.
What we are watching, in my view, is an uneven struggle between a real superpower and global hegemon, the United States, and a regional hegemon, Russia, that feels it has been backed into a corner.
After all, an economic hegemon is supposed to solve global economic crises, not cause them.
Campbell is frank that "American statecraft has worked to blend diplomatic, economic and military means in order to prevent the emergence of a hegemon in Asia, which has been the key way to keep the region safe for American ends like trade, faith, democracy and traditional security" (p.
If not, the most likely alternative is that it becomes a platform on which its hegemon, Germany, can stand and lead.
Bypassing the often debated questions of whether, how, and when China might replace the US as world hegemon, Matten explores how China's efforts to reposition itself in a rapidly globalizing world are influenced by the ambition to restore tenets of traditional political though, a phenomenon that he says can only inadequately be interpreted as a return to the past where sinocentric empire claimed to rule all-under-heaven.
The era when a western hegemon could maintain control of the Middle East, by military force if necessary, is over.
In general, that country has much more often and successfully played the role of Africa's global representative than it has that of a continental hegemon or leader.
Less than a week earlier, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei's official website published a poster hailing the ascendancy of Iran as a regional hegemon.
He warned against the strategic imbalance between the GCC states and the Islamic Republic, pointing out that the imbalance worsened particularly in 2003, which benefited the Iranian hegemon project in the region.
The author's thesis maintains that any potential space scenario will result in the emergence of a military hegemon, piecemeal agreements between various players, or dedicated international governance.
This is, in large part, due to the forces that have influenced the global governance system over the past two centuries: the system has responded to the will of the governments of the great powers, particularly that of the hegemonic powers, changing in response to changes in the ideology of the hegemon and with the change of the hegemon.
Yet treating the Arab-Israeli conflict as "an issue that is able to divide the member states into opposing blocs" (7) risks isolating it too much from the politics of other issues also being handled in the UN, particularly as the G7 yields to the G20 and triggers a revision of the informal networks of world governance through which the hegemon also operates.
Pillsbury stresses that hawks have "persuaded the Chinese leadership to view America as a dangerous hegemon that it must replace.
It has been historical evidence that power transition remained an outcome of hegemonic war and violence oriented conflicts between hegemon and rising power and proxy games were maneuvered in order to change the existing patterns and regulate the affairs in terms of one's own gain.