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a leading or paramount power

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The offer of protection was central to the obligation: a hegemon that abandoned its allies, or exploited them--as Athens did, creating its detested empire--lost the right to the support of its followers.
cannot be a unipolar hegemon and a model for other nations at the same time.
China's ultimate goal," says Mosher, "is to become the hegemon, dethroning the United States as the world's dominant power.
It is worth remembering that following the failure of European allies and the United Nations to use military force in the Balkans, US President Bill Clinton's administration also acted as the hegemon.
It has the potential to become a regional hegemon and pose a greater threat than during the last century.
Were he to get his hands on nuclear weapons, Saddam would likely resume his quest to become the hegemon of the Persian Gulf.
Their ultimate aim is to be the hegemon -- that is, the only great power in the system.
stands as a regional hegemon in the wake of the Cold War.
Meanwhile, at this historical juncture the "international community," having joined the hegemon in inflicting severe damage on his targets of choice, remains quiescent, if a bit uncomfortable.
The ring cannot be used for its intended propose except by its maker, Sauron, or by another with the will and evil ambition to supplant Sauron as world hegemon.
In the absence of a clear powerful adversary, the hegemon lacked a mission and scanned the world for new threats.
It has interests in the supply of oil, in the stability of a volatile region, and in the protection of allies from the ruthless aggression of Hussein, the would-be regional hegemon.
Without a military hegemon, piecemeal approach, or global governance, one can imagine the problems posed by the crowded environment.
Japan and European countries, profit and grow relatively stronger as the hegemon grows relatively weaker.