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Synonyms for hefty

Synonyms for hefty

having a relatively great weight

having a large body, especially in girth

conveying great physical force

Synonyms for hefty

(of a person) possessing physical strength and weight

of considerable weight and size

Related Words

large in amount or extent or degree

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In addition to the tarp, the Budweiser Bleachers at Wrigley Field will now feature Hefty Crack-Resistant Cups.
A hefty fine was also slapped against four other cafes for not adhering to the proper health regulations.
To help reduce messes, Hefty Ultimate with Arm & Hammer odor control was engineered with new features that help secure the bag on the trash can and provide improved tear-and puncture-resistance.
HMS officials said they are quite proud of their nearly four-year relationship with Hefty and they expect to expand the line to other segments, including bag storage in coming months.
An 18-year veteran of Alaska Airlines, Hefty most recently served as director of customer service-airports in the carrier's Western region.
4 (ANI): A Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) inquiry committee formed to look into the national team's disastrous performance Down Under, has proposed hefty fine on wicket keeper Kamran Akmal and all-rounder Shahid Afridi for violating the player's code of conduct during the winless tour.
A hefty verdict in their favor might cause coal companies to decide that providing safe working conditions is cheaper than their potential liability for not doing so.
All the while we are concentrating on the trivia of everyday life, a hefty bill for taxpayers is ticking up day-by-day.
A hefty boy much taller than his classmates, he was always bedraggled looking and usually wet and odorous when the weather was bad, as he trudged along on his daily hour and a half walk to school.
Back in print, in its second edition, this hefty but accessible book by Robert Greskovic, dance critic for The Wall Street Journal, will help established professionals brush up on ballet history, technique, and the plots of popular ballets.
NEWHALL -- A gemstone bracelet, possibly worth a hefty sum, shimmered on the walkway outside a Newhall hair salon.
Math enthusiasts will note that each proof is presented in its entirety from the original publication, making for a hefty volume.
If we catch anyone they will face a hefty fine," he said.
In this hefty, well produced tome with dual English/Spanish text and an introduction by William Curtis, his career is diligently tracked from modest early houses in the '40s and '50s, to more recent projects such as the British Museum's Mexican Galleries (AR January 1995).
The price tag seems hefty for a standard-looking paperback, but Tim Mitchell's Sedition And Alchemy: A Biography Of John Cale packs in exclusive interviews with key figures, was written with Cale's blessing, and holds a healthy set of black and white photos to compliment solid research and musical insights.