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a cord or band of inelastic tissue connecting a muscle with its bony attachment

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Sahr Songu M'Briwa snapped an Achilles heel tendon in August.
Metcalfe, whose heel tendon problem has kept him out of action since the opening match of the Scotland tour, said: "It seems like years since I played and the prospect of returning reminds me of how I felt as a 20-year-old just starting out.
Activities that stress the heel, such as running and jumping, can cause the tight heel tendons to pull on the back of the heel, injuring it.
Typical injuries range from stress fractures, growth-plate disorders, cracked kneecaps, and frayed heel tendons, to a back condition brought on by excessive flexing that causes one vertebra to slip forward over another.
Overstretched heel tendons and aching knees were two of the bothersome complaints that instructor Charlotte Williams reported circulating around the industry.