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Synonyms for heedlessly

without care or concern


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Kurt, wrapped in his thoughts, walked heedlessly, and at last broke out again.
Instead of removal of wall, the advertisement materials were placed heedlessly.
Heedlessly, Wander accepts the bargain and the voice tells him where he can find his first foe.
A dog nipped at the wanderer's heels as he heedlessly steps forward from the edge of a cliff.
Will James, played by Jeremy Renner, is the bread and butter of the film as he leads his team heedlessly through the missions.
More than 90% of our crucial food and drink exports go to the single market and in ruling out membership of the Economic Area and the Free Trade Association, the British Government is heedlessly putting the Welsh economy on a path towards decimation.
Trump's next missile strike might heedlessly trigger a war.
Infrequently, buyers hop heedlessly into a renovating venture just to find that the things they've supplanted weren't precisely what were making them raise their eyebrows.
Manipulating soldiers' emotions so they will more heedlessly follow orders is ethically problematic, to say the least.
He continues to heedlessly recite his talking points about the economy and the plight of the middle class, when all the news media want to hear about is Sydney Leathers (the woman he'd been messaging).
Furthermore, considering the fact that the regime has heedlessly continued to use chemical weapons up to now, Turkey expects steps be taken regarding the regime, which is a party to the CWC, so that it is held accountable by necessary sanctions called for by this crime.
In my view, we have moved heedlessly, head first into the same quagmire with fracking.
Instead, Perry argues, we ignored those interests in the Balkans and pressed heedlessly toward Russian borders with the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and programs to deploy antimissile systems in Poland and the Czech Republic.
Real people-- Muslims and Jews--experience social exclusion and discrimination in their respective environments: They are heedlessly or willfully misperceived by others; they are questioned about their (national and cultural) loyalties in their countries of residence; they are turned into objects of fear; they are ridiculed for their cultural customs and religious beliefs; or they are subjected to verbal abuse; and, in the worst case, to violent and sometimes lethal assaults.
Surely the DFA also didn't just heedlessly decide to neglect its duty by treating this transaction as purely 'commercial'.