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in a careful deliberate manner

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Moving on to the spinsters and carders, the narrator adopts the plural perspective of the whole tour group: "The King and Queene, and all the nobility heedfully beheld these women" (33), a phrase that suggests how a well-organized walk through a manufactory can direct even royal and noble gazes.
Alternately, Juliette Mapp's Dark Matter is a subtle yet tenacious solo-in-progress that delves heedfully into the unknown.
Coordination results as individuals (i) adopt shared goals that justify committed actions and (ii) conduct actions heedfully while envisioning the joint actions of the organization (Weick 2001).
Y hacia el final del libro senala: "But if this Art [teneduria de libros] be not well learned, and the matter heedfully carried, it will lead the Actor into a Labyrinth, as appeareth by James Peele his accompt straying Merchant".
Weick, in describing a high-performing crew of an aircraft carder deck says, "when flight deck crews interrelate their separate activities, they did so heedfully, taking special care to enact their actions as contributions to a system rather than as simply a task in their autonomous individual jobs.
In times of crisis, when precious resources and lives totter between disaster and survival, individuals must be able to make sense and act quickly, yet heedfully with mindful attention.
Nor was the rational basis test heedfully applied even when judged by permissive federal standards.
as in the old time he [God] was not content with the law only, but added priests for expositors, at whose lips the people should enquire for the true meaning thereof: so at this day he not only willeth us to be heedfully bent on reading, but also appointeth masters over us, by whose labour we may be assisted: whereof cometh double profit.