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Synonyms for hee-haw

a loud laugh that sounds like a horse neighing

braying characteristic of donkeys


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They have hee-haw chance of getting it but at least it shows they have the cojones to take on the miserly trainers who think they should do the job for love - because it sure as heck can't be for the money.
This is my chance, whether that means earning enough to start my own business or getting the crazy money which would allow me to do hee-haw for the rest of my life.
And despite it meaning hee-haw they deserve it more than Hearts or Aberdeen given what Yogi has to work with.
As I see it, 60per cent of hee-haw is still hee-haw and Ticketus would have no claim on the tickets sold in this way.
And presumably, since he is on loan Hearts get hee-haw of the pounds 1million fee if he does end up going to Viking Stavanger.
The unmistakable hee-haw of its bellows can be heard regularly in ethnic and regional styles like Irish or Cajun, mainstream popular recordings by Billy Joel, Paul Simon and others, commercial jingles, accordion festivals from China to Washington, D.
Feeding the 5000 and raising the dead was pretty impressive, but turns out it's hee-haw compared to beating teams like Dunfermline and St Mirren.
He said: "When you look at the 90s and what we did at youth level was hee-haw.
Lanarkshire READER Joseph Sloss said Simon Cowell knows hee-haw about the music business.
Things never go better with this coke, least of all when you're in charge of several tons of cuddy as well as the safety of others, so whatever his fate he'll get hee-haw sympathy from me.
Like Aberdeen, he was big in the 1980s but has done hee-haw ever since.
Most of them knew hee-haw about the mechanics of having a punt.
SURE, Blackpool sitting fourth in the Premiership is pretty amazing, but it's hee-haw compared to Cowdenbeath sitting fourth in the First Division.