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the pursuit of pleasure as a matter of ethical principle

an ethical system that evaluates the pursuit of pleasure as the highest good

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That means if you're planning a fantasy weekend in Miami and can round up nine other hedonistically inclined fliers, you've might get your private jet for almost the same price as a full-fare first-class ticket (cute flight attendants not included).
Although Elia never hesitates to express everywhere his idiosyncratic likes and dislikes, in these two narratives the persona passes beyond eccentricity to become a morally delinquent and profligate figure, hedonistically addicted to immoderate drink and food.
Unlike Le Diable est parmi nous, which simply married Cinepix's maple syrup porn formula with elements of horror, Shivers made a splash (or more accurately, a squish) on Canadian screens precisely because it threatened the guiltless sex and freedom that films like L'Initiation hedonistically celebrated.
Equally gorgeous and, we are to presume, hedonistically inexperienced is Sam's Boston Brahmin fiancee Alex (Kate Beckinsale).
It you like wines that hedonistically suggest chocolate and vanilla flavors, you'll love this thick, satisfying wine.
It is striking how all States came to comprehend the celebration as at least a partially sacred one of basic religious significance, though not all had linked religion to the concept of nation as Queensland had done, because they could not consistently reject the desire of many citizens to spend part of the day hedonistically.
WM: In your interview with Ashbery, he talks about poetry having an inherent and hedonistically moral capacity to push the reader back into life, and that this obviates any direct political character or responsibility that a poem may be expected to have.