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the pursuit of pleasure as a matter of ethical principle

an ethical system that evaluates the pursuit of pleasure as the highest good

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Brouwer asserted that Jesus "did not invoke his Father's name to impose moral imperatives on the secular society around him--Greeks and Romans who lived far more hedonistically and with far less regard for human life than today's 'Hollywood.
The participants are encouraged to 'play' creatively and hedonistically.
People are seriously led to believe there is no in between of being wholly religious or having a successful career or living more hedonistically.
That means if you're planning a fantasy weekend in Miami and can round up nine other hedonistically inclined fliers, you've might get your private jet for almost the same price as a full-fare first-class ticket (cute flight attendants not included).
It was developed by kind and benevolent scientists to lead mankind out of the thin, under-ripe world of yesterday into the hedonistically rich and unctuous world of tomorrow.
The very scientific researchers reporting in Waltham Focus give three reasons for feline obesity, and we will interpret: "Sensorily induced overconsumption, hedonistically mediated maladaptive food choices and errors in processes governing energy balance.
Although Elia never hesitates to express everywhere his idiosyncratic likes and dislikes, in these two narratives the persona passes beyond eccentricity to become a morally delinquent and profligate figure, hedonistically addicted to immoderate drink and food.
The more those with the income or wealth just indulge themselves hedonistically, the greater will be the pressure for radical change in the system as a whole.
Unlike Le Diable est parmi nous, which simply married Cinepix's maple syrup porn formula with elements of horror, Shivers made a splash (or more accurately, a squish) on Canadian screens precisely because it threatened the guiltless sex and freedom that films like L'Initiation hedonistically celebrated.
Because Francis can have no other "maistre" than God, Bude insinuates the critical study of letters into his reign by encouraging the prince to take history as a "maistresse" who in hedonistically charged language "enseigne par grant plaisir et doulceur" (85).
Baumgardt referred to Spinoza in support of his own hedonistically based philosophy because he thought that it was Spinoza who, by elaborating a utilitarian approach to human perfection that was rooted in Judaism, resisted Christianity's attempts to overcome this world.
Equally gorgeous and, we are to presume, hedonistically inexperienced is Sam's Boston Brahmin fiancee Alex (Kate Beckinsale).