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Synonyms for hedged

evasively worded in order to avoid an unqualified statement

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Perry, honestly bent--though he had privately hedged his own bets--on doing his best to bring his man in good order to the post on the day of the race, had forbidden Geoffrey to pay his evening visit to the house, and had sent him to bed earlier than usual.
Only, her mental excesses were theoretical, hedged in by so much humane feeling and conventional reserves, that they amounted to no more than mere libertinage of thought; whereas the other woman, the governess of Flora de Barral, was, as you may have noticed, severely practical--terribly practical.
I can only say, 'He hath hedged me about, that I cannot get out: He hath made my chain heavy.
When the oat-spry horse had hedged a little his first spurt of speed Jerry broke the lid of his cab and called down through the aperture in the voice of a cracked megaphone, trying to please:
Buck did not attack, but circled him about and hedged him in with friendly advances.
His followers thronged round him; above his head the broad blades of their spears made a spiked halo of iron points, and they hedged him from humanity by the shimmer of silks, the gleam of weapons, the excited and respectful hum of eager voices.
The study participants that hedged relied heavily on "plain vanilla" forwards.
Frequently, questions arise as to whether the property being hedged is ordinary property.
However, any ineffectiveness from an imperfect risk offset between the hedged item and the derivative is recorded to earnings in the period incurred.
Group A: Group A taxpayers believe that a valid hedging transaction for tax purposes includes only those transactions in which the risk-holding member directly hedged its own risks by entering into an offsetting position with a third party or another member of the group that operated as a hedging center (HC).
It generally provides that when the swap hedges the entire term of the underlying debt instrument, the gain or loss should be spread over the remaining term of the hedged debt.
Basis risk is the difference between the fair value (or cash flows) of the hedged item and the fair value (or cash flows) of the hedging derivative.
By permitting the adoption of a retroactive effective date, which we believe the IRS is authorized to permit, final regulations will enable taxpayers and the IRS to reach agreements that promote a proper matching of the character and timing of recognition of gain or loss with respect to a hedge and the hedged item, regardless of which legal entity within the group enters the hedge or holds the hedged property or obligation.
Lake Partners and The Newport Group jointly announced today the launch of a collective investment fund comprised entirely of registered hedged mutual funds.