hedge trimmer

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a garden tool for trimming hedges

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When a hedge trimmer is put over them annually, they can turn brown, but cut all the stems off at 6in in early April and the reward is a gleaming display from November to March.
01/01 name of work: supply of petrol hedge trimmer for park janak puri in ward no.
Wearing gloves and goggles, trim the top by holding an electric hedge trimmer horizontally with both hands.
Technavio's analysts forecast the global hedge trimmer market to grow at a CAGR of 4.
SPECIAL OFFER: order the hedge trimmer, chainsaw and grass trimmer and receive the extension pole (worth pounds 9.
Hedge Trimmers will stock a large range of Cordless, Petrol and Electric Hedge Trimmers along with Shrub & Long Reach Trimmers, not to mention, Safety Clothing and Hedge Trimmer Accessories.
You need the powerful GT501 hedge trimmer from Black & Decker.
Items recovered include a JCB industrial wacker hammer, leaf blower, shred and vac, JCB petrol strimmer, extension hedge trimmer, grass cutter, hedge trimmer, two disc cutters and another wacker hammer.
Among items taken were two petrol mowers, a hedge trimmer, a drill, fishing equipment and a green Kawasaki motorcycle.
HEDGE TRIMMER features an adjustable cutting blade that allows users to achieve an exact trim no matter how high or low a hedge may be.
It includes a 22" Hedge Trimmer (for bushes and shrubs), 12" String Trimmer (for lawns), and Hard Surface Sweeper (for all messes).
This particular hedge trimmer is designed for professional landscapers and is a very powerful tool that generates more than 3/4 hp," says John Kossett, project engineer at Reell.
Last month we looked at the garden vacuum, garden shredder and compost bin and in the second of this two-part feature we offer advice on using the hedge trimmer, chainsaw and electric pressure washer.
A long, mechanized hedge trimmer moves along the tree row, lopping off several feet of top growth as it goes.
The model Hs8635S 26-inch hedge trimmer provides a high level of safety as well as precise, efficient cutting.