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Synonyms for Hector

Synonyms for Hector

one who is habitually cruel to smaller or weaker people

to domineer or drive into compliance by the use of as threats or force, for example

to torment with persistent insult or ridicule

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(Greek mythology) a mythical Trojan who was killed by Achilles during the Trojan War

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When Hector got there, his fond mother came up to him with Laodice the fairest of her daughters.
And Hector answered, "Honoured mother, bring no wine, lest you unman me and I forget my strength.
While they were thus praying to the daughter of great Jove, Hector went to the fair house of Alexandrus, which he had built for him by the foremost builders in the land.
And Hector answered, "Bid me not be seated, Helen, for all the goodwill you bear me.
Then Hector left her, and forthwith was at his own house.