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Synonyms for hectograph

duplicator consisting of a gelatin plate from which ink can be taken to make a copy

copy on a duplicator

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Let's capsulize some scattered attempts at circumscribing boredom's dubitable boundaries: the cardoon, a tall, thistle-like southern European plant related to the globe artichoke; the dolmen, a megalithic tomb with a large, flat stone laid horizontally across upright stones of comparable size; the hectograph, a device for copying documents by the use of a gelatin plate.
Publishing my first magazine, Mineralogy News, as a 13-year-old--first with a hectograph, then with a mimeograph, and finally with a 1 1/2-ton cast-iron printing press, which I operated in my basement by pushing a big iron flywheel with my left hand while feeding paper with the right (I'd spent all my savings on the press and couldn't afford a motor to run it).
Of course before all of these methods, duplicating machines and other alternatives were around, including carbon copy, hectographs and mimeographs.