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in a frenzied manner


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In preparation, they quickly kill as many prisoners as possible, hectically and brutally.
The present government is hectically engaged with economic issues with an ambitious target of achieving a 7 percent GDP growth rate in next couple of years has, however, taken some appreciable initiatives for improving tax-to-GDP ratio.
The illegal Jewish settlement expansions continued hectically to the extent that 40 percent of the West Bank area became under the control of Israeli municipal councils, Jarraq went on.
We hope the future will not be so, but the option is available, especially as the men are hectically busy in open and secret competition to replace Abbas.
DI KHAN -- The entire district has wore festive look with election fever going up as political opponents are hectically engaged to muster support of voters to win a seat in local government elections on May 30.
These days, I am hectically working on my doctoral studies.
Gameplay is as hectically ace as ever with customisable camera angles and the Superstar Skill Stick, which offers a more intricate way of protecting the puck and receiving passes.
India developed its storage capacity hectically since partition which now stands at about 212.
Highlighting the importance of this initiative for Pakistan, he said since the country is hectically taking steps to enhance its exports and improve quality standards at the international level, the proficiency testing labs would play a significant role in materializing this endeavour.
While you are working inside hectically trying to catch up, running after deadlines and desperately trying
Second option: The only begotten son of the OTG did happen and he's hectically busy rushing around to one new planet after another to get himself murdered and thereby 'redeem' its inhabitants.
Leah Claire may now provide good each-way value against that rival and her higherprofile Boylesports opponents in a hectically competitive event.
We can see these strategies in the dazzling effect of peachy flesh straining against the tightly cropped bounds of these pictures and the tactile sense of walking around its sculptural figures, experiencing them in different positions, which work to deepen the sensation of the depicted bodies--or, better, of Liusia's particular body--through which socialist values would be communicated hectically.
the relative relaxation of its proscriptive grasp on "abroad" has to be counterbalanced by a hectically heightened insistence on the unbridgeable gap between "abroad" and "home.